Hospital on Mobile

Hospital on Mobile is here to revolutionize patient-physician digital interactions.

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For patients

When you are ill, you just want to see your physician as soon as you can. Instead, you often find yourself trying to reach a nurse over the phone, and spending your valuable time in the hospital filling in a great number of patient intake forms and answering quiestionnares. Then, with all these stress factors, trying to describe your symptoms clearly in a very short time to your doctor, it may feel very demanding, and it can easily lead to a misdiagnose. Does all this sound familiar?

Hospital on Mobile aim to provide all our patients a more seemless and frictionless healthcare service to make sure you get the right diagnose. You just play with a graphical interface, and all the pain standing between you and a more accurate diagnose is gone.

For Healthcare providers

Text messages include insufficient medical info and patients mostly have unsatisfactory experiences with triage calls. Especially during peak hours. It is costly to do follow-ups, and poor patient management cost you losing not only money, but patient satisfaction.

Through our user friendly app, handle your patient management with ease of mind and provide smart appointment 7/24.


Özcan Çikmaz

CEO and Founder

Aris Theophilakis

Chief Creative Officer
& Co-founder

CEO, Futatsu Industries

Kapa Lenkov

Chief Science Officer & Co-founder

Christopher Lambert

Rockstar developer

Internship at Tesla

Alkin Sen

Rockstar developer

Berk Tümer

Rockstar developer

Fabrice Bats

Lead designer

Futatsu Industries

Alexander Mostue

UX designer

Futatsu Industries

William Grøslie

Web designer

Futatsu Industries

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